RM Release 1.1.0
openEHR Reference Model (RM) Release 1.1.0 published

Task Planning Release 1.5.0 published
Significant update to TP specification

GDL2 Guideline Language v2 specification released
GDL2 Guideline Language v2 released, incorporating lessons from 6 years' industrial use

BASE Release 1.1.0 Published
BASE component Release 1.1.0 has published by openEHR SEC

RM Release 1.0.4 published
RM Release 1.0.4 published

openEHR REST API 1.0.0
openEHR REST API 1.0.0 released

REST APIs Release 0.9.0
REST APIs Release 0.9.0 out for comment

openEHR QUERY component Release 1.0.0
openEHR QUERY component Release 1.0.0 released 15 Nov 2017

openEHR Terminology Release 2.1.0
openEHR TERM component Release 2.1.0 released 08 Nov 2017

RM Release-1.0.3
Release 1.0.3 of the RM is published

ADL 2 Workbench Release
A new release of the ADL Workbench is available. It implements the latest draft of the ADL/AOM 2 formalism, and offers numerous functional improvements.

ADL Workbench 1.5beta10 released
New release of the ADL 1.5 workbench available on 3 platforms. Numerous enhancements, close to final version of ADL.

AOM 1.5 update - more powerful, easier to implement
Latest AOM draft removes openEHR special syntax, improves model of basic types.

New draft of Knowledge Artefact Identification specification
For those interested in the specification for Knowledge Artefact Identification (including archetypes, templates and terminology subsets), a major rewrite of the previous draft is now available on Wiki.

Guideline Definition Language (GDL) first release
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the design specifications of Guideline Definition Language (GDL) and its reference implementation under open source software licenses.

CKM upgraded to include projects and other features
A major new release of the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) went online today. This release is a major upgrade to CKM which provides improved 'governance units', and also gets closer to the ultimate goal of an end-to-end tool chain.

Archetype Editor 2.2.905 beta
We are pleased to announce that Archetype Editor 2.2.905 beta has just been released. Find out more information on the tool page.

ADL - syntax highlight for Notepad++
ADL syntax highlight for Notepad++ was developed by Armando Prieto from Venezuela.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release 8
A new beta release of the ADL 1.5 Workbench is now available here. Release includes a complete makeover of the user interface, with numerous usability improvements, plus a number of compiler corrections.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release 4
A new beta release of the ADL 1.5 Workbench is now available here. Quite a lot of new features have been added, as described in the release notes. Please note that this release only includes a Windows build; Linux and Mac builds will follow in the next couple of weeks.