AOM 1.5 update - more powerful, easier to implement

Releases | Sept. 20, 2013, 1:19 p.m.

The latest version of AOM 1.5 is now published here.


  • remodelling / rationalisation of C_PRIMITIVE_OBJECT classes (types expressing constraints on Integer, Boolean, Date, String, Terminology_code etc)
  • simplification of Tuple model, to achieve the same effect as before - complete replacement of openEHR 'special syntax'
    • all ADL 1.4 openEHR archetypes now parse to the new tuple syntax
    • the 'openEHR Archetype Profile' is now obsolete

These changes have all been implemented and validated in the ADL Workbench, which will be released in a new beta in the next week or so. The Java implementation group at Marand are working on upgrading the Java ADL compiler to the same models.

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