The value for healthcare professionals

openEHR enables a true patient-centric health record. This makes data and alerts accessible to all carers, the patient, and computable guidelines, enabling distributed teams to identify risks and achieve better continuity of care with fewer errors and missed hand-offs.

openEHR clinical data models are clinically‑led, designed and managed in the International Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM). The modelling community consists of nearly 3000 clinicians from 90+ countries. Over the past 15 years, they have created over 800 clinical data models which are published freely.

For clinicians

For working clinicians, the openEHR shared record increases efficiency and safety by supporting seamless transfers of care while removing the need to re-enter patient data.

openEHR supports high-quality structured data, text and controlled use of terminology. This enables better querying and improves the long-term value of data. openEHR guidelines can then be run in the background.

Unlike mainstream healthcare IT, all clinical models are built by healthcare domain experts.

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Our mission is to reduce work for health professionals and to improve clinical outcomes for patients

openEHR is a non-profit that openly and freely publishes its clinical models

The models are built by healthcare professionals and domain experts from nearly 100 countries

For patients

For patients, openEHR makes it possible to directly enter data as well as capture data from patient devices. The patient record becomes a coherent whole, and is easier for clinicians and patients alike to understand the overall picture. The openEHR record allows patients to directly define consent for clinical users and family members.

The result is greatly improved shared care, in which the patient is an active participant. This is particularly valuable in long-running care processes like pregnancy, cancer care and chronic illness.


Dr Paul Miller, GP and Clinical Lead, NHS Scotland NES-Technology

openEHR empowers health and care professionals to create information systems fit for the 21st century.

For professional colleges

Professional medical, nursing and allied health colleges and associations around the world are increasingly active in the development of care guidelines, data sets and the definition of research projects. openEHR provides a community and technical framework via which computable guidelines may be created and deployed in operational systems.

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Getting Involved

Clinical professionals may get involved with openEHR by: signing up to CKM to participate in archetype building and/or review; by joining as an individual or professional member, or by getting their professional college to join as an organisation. Clinicians with some openEHR knowledge may want to nominate to be on the Clinical Program.

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