Publishing Content

Posting News

News posting is available to openEHR Foundation officers, Industry Partners and other authorised individuals.

News Categories

All news items are classified as one of the following categories:

  • Industry News - news from the industry (companies, government, standards) connected to the openEHR.
  • Community News - news from the openEHR community about work on non-commercial activities connected with openEHR. This includes news about openEHR projects and technical services.
  • Foundation News - news posted by openEHR Board members about current work and future development of openEHR Foundation.
  • Events - information about conferences, workshops, presentations and other events connected with openEHR.
  • Releases - information about new versions of openEHR tools, standards and specifications.

Posting Guidelines

When posting news please ensure that information is current and wherever possible link to the original news source.

Try to post information that you think the community will find interesting, as concisely as possible.

News may not be directly promotional or advertorial, although we are happy that products, services and events are mentioned if relevant to the community.

Do not publish company-specific news, press releases or other directly promotional material unless of relevant interest to the community.

Event promotion if of interest to the community as a whole is permitted.

Surveys are not permitted in news.

Do not post anything that would cause you problems by being made public.

News is not intended for daily postings and we would ask that you normally post news no more than once or twice a month, where perhaps several items of interest can be put into one posting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post news?

In order to post news you need to send us a note of the email address you would like to use to post news. Send this information to We will send you a password and you should be able to login using the email you provided and the password we send you.

Where is the login page?

You can login here

I can't remember my username/password! What can I do?

Please contact and will sort this for you.

Who do I contact if I feel news is being used inappropriately?

Please contact who will pass your concerns to the Management Board.