Software Program

The openEHR software program aims to support software development based on, or related to, the openEHR specifications.

Current Activities

Most current openEHR related software projects are self-governed and self-funded by various organisations doing research or commercial services/product development. The openEHR Software Program is an arena for sharing experience and ideas between projects. Most such sharing is currently done via the software focused mailing lists and partly also the specification focused mailing lists.

The program also coordinates hosting of some software projects that have donated code to openEHR or previously have requested openEHR hosting. More outspoken rules for what is required to host a project under the openEHR "umbrella" and/or to "brand" it as an openEHR project is under discussion in the community. A suggestion is to reuse the project experiences from the Apache Foundation, including some incubation process etc. (See also: license preferences.)

The program strives to increase awareness of available openEHR implementations. A wiki page lists known openEHR-related software projects. Other implementation related information can be found at the developer related wiki-pages

Potential future activities

The future direction of the software programme is always open for community discussion (primarily using the openehr-implementers mail list). Some initial suggestions are:

  • Conformance and interoperability test tools - to be designed and developed together with the openEHR Specifications Programme.
  • Clarification of procedures for openEHR hosting and "branding" of open software projects
  • Start and maintain a list of "project suggestions" as a service to e.g. educational or commercial actors wanting to explore unfulfilled openEHR software needs.