Open for healthcare providers

Provider organisations routinely struggle with limited monolithic procurement options, product lock-in and an endless mess of data silos.

openEHR provides an alternative in which procurement may be re‑oriented to incremental construction of an open platform that integrates existing products to the openEHR standard.

Nasjonal IKT

Clinical Knowledge Manager is used to manage the clinical models and related specifications for the Norwegian national e‑health programme.

Norwegian CKM

For provider institutions

openEHR offers a path to incremental procurement of platform components including CDR, terminology, registry and access control, with API‑conformant applications available from multiple suppliers. Applications may also be built in‑house using low‑code development tools.

There is no vendor lock‑in of data, which is open format and fully accessible through the openEHR APIs.

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Our mission is the standard for an open, vendor‑neutral platform for health records and interoperable clinical and research data

openEHR publishes its specifications and clinical models freely and under open licenses

The clinical models are built collaboratively by healthcare professionals and medical informaticians

For regions

An openEHR-based platform enables a genuine regional shared EHR, covering large populations and all places of contact along the patient pathway.

Vendors Find an expert Procurement


An open platform and a clinical data repository, with integration of legacy and third‑party elements, that support easy data migration and are transparent to all applications connected to the platform.

Getting involved

Provider organisations and jurisdictions may support openEHR by joining as an Organisational Partner. They may also have staff with openEHR knowledge who they may want to nominate to the Clinical Program.

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