ADL 2 Workbench Release

Releases | Dec. 4, 2014, 2 p.m.

A new release of the ADL Workbench is available. It implements the latest draft of the ADL/AOM 2 formalism. From the release notes:

04 December 2014 - ADL 2.0.5 (Github tag adl_2.0.5) (Jira - new featuresissues fixed)
  • Archetype Object Model / compiler:
    • New flattener, with specialise-and-clone, numerous edge cases fixed.
    • Improvements in specialised archetype validation
    • New meta-data items now supported:
      • rm_release=n.m.p - top-level meta-data
      • original_publisher: String - name of original publishing organisation
      • original_namespace: String - namespace of original publishing organisation
      • custodian_organisations: String - name of the current custodian organisation
      • custodian_namespace: String - namespace of current custodian organisation
      • licence: String - short text and URL pointing to licence under which this artefact is available
      • ip_acknowledgements: Map<String, String> - keyed list of 3rd party IP acknowledgements, each consisting of a single word key, and a short text and URL pointing to the online text describing how the IP available for this artefact.
      • conversion_details: Map<String, String> - keyed list of values indicating details of conversion from an external artefact, where applicable.
  • Tool functionality:
    • New method of specifying archetype repositories uses self-describing repository/library structure
    • One-click template creation
    • Automatic conversion of ADL 1.4 'other_details' meta-data to ADL 2 form
  • Visualisation:
    • Lazy load template visualiser mode to handle very large template structures
    • Improved colour / font scheme in inheritance visualisation mode
    • New Description / Governance sub-tab containing ADL 2 meta-data.
    • New Clients/Suppliers top-level tab showing client (user) archetypes containing use_archetype references to the current archetype, and supplier archetypes, i.e. archetypes for which the current archetype has a use_archetype reference.

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