CKM upgraded to include projects and other features

Releases | March 5, 2013, 11 p.m.

A major new release of the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) went online today. It is reachable at the existing URL, but also at the new, preferred URL

This release is a major upgrade to CKM which provides improved 'governance units', and also gets closer to the ultimate goal of an end-to-end tool chain. The new governance units are known as 'sub-domains', each with underlying 'project' and 'incubator' sub-components. This means that clinical models can be 'owned' and developed more easily by various groups and jurisdictions in the global eHealth community. Users now have a more customisable view of the application and can narrow their view to specific artefacts.

There is a special project type called an 'incubator', allowing users to work on models and artefacts in a sand-box environment before being made visible to the general community. The help system has been improved through enhancements to the navigation functions and understanding of functionality for new users.

The tool chain functionality introduces a new transformation engine can automatically produce outputs based on templates, such as XML schema, SCS documents, CDA implementation guides, CDA instances and Schematron etc.

For a detailed list of many other changes, improvements and bug-fixes, refer here.

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