RM Release 1.1.0

Releases | Sept. 29, 2020, 7:08 p.m.

The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) has published RM Release 1.1.0 today.

Change-log | Issues fixed

This release brings a number of important improvements to the reference model including:

  • the new DV_SCALE data type, supporting scales/scores containing decimal numbers;
  • addition of a preferred_term field to the coded text data type;
  • addition of archetypeable meta-data to Folder objects;
  • addition of unlimited Folder hierarchies to an EHR;
  • addition of free meta-data field to Feeder system audit, to aid integration;
  • added null_reason field to ELEMENTobjects (i.e. any archetype leaf node);
  • support any units system and units display text in Quantities.

We hope this proves useful for the community, and would like to thank all the implementers for the feedback that led to this release, as well as the SEC members and others who helped create it.

Direct links to Issues for this release:

Issues Fixed

  • [SPECPR-62] - Add a ‘reason for null’ text attribute in the Reference model
  • [SPECPR-85] - Add some place to put data on the FOLDER object
  • [SPECPR-251] - Clarify usage of UCUM for DV_QUANTITY
  • [SPECPR-271] - Extend FEEDER_AUDIT_DETAILS class with “other_details” (ITEM_STRUCTURE)
  • [SPECPR-322] - Document the composition uid value
  • [SPECPR-44] - Add support for Real values in DV_ORDINAL
  • [SPECPR-88] - Correction to COMPOSITION.category description
  • [SPECPR-132] - Unable to carry rubric in TERM_MAPPING
  • [SPECPR-165] - Add rubric attribute to CODE_PHRASE
  • [SPECPR-204] - Wrong ISM transition name in EHR IM text
  • [SPECPR-311] - preceding_version_id should be preceding_version_uid
  • [SPECPR-335] - Define context of “persistent” COMPOSITION.category
  • [SPECPR-344] - Wrong class definition in Support Information Model documentation
  • [SPECPR-355] - Disjoint merging advice in COMMON problematic for persistent compositions

Changes Made

  • [SPECRM-19] - Add support for Real values with DV_SCALE
  • [SPECRM-55] - Add folders:LIST<OBJECT_REF> on EHR
  • [SPECRM-56] - Add archetypable details meta-data to FOLDER
  • [SPECRM-60] - Add Version lifecycle state machine to RM
  • [SPECRM-61] - Add reference-retrieving functions to EHR class
  • [SPECRM-64] - Add CODE_PHRASE.preferred_term optional field to carry rubric (preferred term) text
  • [SPECRM-65] - Add units_system and units_display_name attributes to DV_QUANTITY
  • [SPECRM-74] - Add other_details meta-data field to FEEDER_AUDIT_DETAILS
  • [SPECRM-77] - Add ELEMENT.null_reason
  • [SPECRM-85] - Correct typographical errors in preceding_version_uid in Change Control package
  • [SPECRM-88] - Improve documentation relating to use of uid in versioning and LOCATABLE descendants.
  • [SPECRM-89] - Add ‘episodic’ type to COMPOSITION.category
  • [SPECRM-92] - Correct numerous minor typographical and formatting errors.
  • [SPECRM-93] - Adjust advice on merging persistent compositions
  • [SPECRM-94] - Correct arithmetic and comparison functions in Data Types
  • [SPECRM-96] - Consistently support negative durations
  • [SPECRM-97] - Define data validity rules for Versions with lifecycle_state = incomplete

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