ADL Workbench 1.5beta10 released

Releases | March 10, 2014, 11:16 a.m.

A new beta of the ADL 1.5 workbench has been released. It now includes the proposed new internal code system, codes on all nodes (compatible with 13606-based archetype tools), explicit value sets, full ADL 1.4 conversion, IHTSDO configurable URIs for term binding, namespaced identifiers, standard lifecycle states, greatly improved terminology visualisation and much more.

We have been working with the submitter group for the OMG RfP Archetype Modelling Language (AML), based on ADL, and estimate that in the next quarter the features of ADL 1.5 will be finalised. ADL/AOM 1.5 is, to our knowledge, the most powerful domain modelling language available, and will be proposed as an update to ISO 13606-2 (based on the original ADL 1.4 language).

Please post feedback on the tool on the technical list and/or AWB issue tracker.

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