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openEHR for practical people (cleaned up) | Musings of a confused technology addict.


Warning: this is a re-post of an old blog entry. Things have moved since I’ve written this, and mostly in a better direction. Just remember that you’re reading a 4 year old entry.   Introduction and outline This document is a guide for the software developer who is interested, or forced to be interested in …

Why the Microsoft tablet is a game changer? | Musings of a confused technology addict.


With the announcement of a tablet from Microsoft, I found myself really excited about the possibilities. I have not felt this way since MS decided to go into healthcare, and unfortunately that adventure did not exactly go in the direction that I’d like it to go. This one however, may work. The reason I have …

How can Angry Birds and Facebook change e-health? | Musings of a confused technology addict.


Well, not through clinical versions of these applications of course. That would be an interesting approach though, especially the social networking idea may have many applications in health IT, but I’d like to talk about something else that is happening in front of our eyes. Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and other big names of the …