Cambio :"Digital Technology can Transform the way Health and Care is Delivered"

Industry News | Sept. 17, 2020, 3:41 p.m.

Cambio believe that open digital platforms, based on open standards such as openEHR, have the potential to transform the way that health and care is delivered, in a similar way that Amazon and eBay have transformed the way that goods are purchased.

Open platforms have the potential to lower the barrier of entry for new innovations, facilitating the creation of an ecosystem where health and care communities can be confident that the data stored in the platform is portable, and where they have choice in the applications, based upon quality of service rather than being forced to take the only solution that runs on a proprietary data model from a single supplier.

To this end, Cambio see openEHR as the only scalable, viable solution for storing clinical data for the lifetime of a patient.

Cambio was one of the first suppliers to pioneer openEHR solutions and we are an active member of the openEHR Foundation.  Dr  Rong Chen developed openEHR’s GDL (Guideline Definition Language) upon which Cambio's advanced Cambio CDS (Clinical Decision Support) Platform is based. Cambio are also investing in their openEHR capability within COSMIC to allow key clinical objects to be stored as openEHR archetypes.

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