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Headquarters: Russia

Size: 1 - 10 employees

Trading since: 2019

Membership level: Startup partner


Solit Clouds is a software development company principally dedicated to healthcare and analytics solutions.  Providing clinical applications and platforms based on the openEHR standard.  With over 20-years of experience in applications development, and more than 100 full-time developers. Our solutions are used by health authorities to reduce development time and cost.


Name Description Product type

EHRDB is a database and platform for building healthcare IT solutions with openEHR standards:

  • allows to create a long-term CDR storage for patient records with ability to run AQL queries;
  • fast solution that can be scaled from a single medical organization to a regional or national level providing high availability and fault tolerance;
  • designed to be scaled horizontally from a single server to a large cluster with multiple nodes;
  • provides a set of tools allowing to create  healthcare applications by separating business processes from clinical data;
  • supports running analytics on clinical data at population level.

EHRDB platform is developed by core team working for Moscow City Health IT Projects - one of the biggest openEHR implementations in the world.

EHR Platform

Acknowledgements: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) | NoMagic (MagicDraw UML)
AsciiDoctor (publishing) | GitHub (DVCS) | LAMP dev community