Headquarters: London

Size: 1 - 10 employees

Trading since: 2017

Membership level: Startup partner



inidus provides an open, secure, scalable health and care platform that enables developers to build health and care applications using open standards including HL7 FHIR, openEHR, SNOMED CT and IHE-XDS, making your data and applications portable and extensible. The inidus platform enables rapid development allowing you to use any modern programming language, and our platform services to build integrated and scalable applications much more quickly than you would have thought possible.

Hosted in UK owned and located data centers meeting UK government and NHS standards for information governance and cyber security and offering N3 connectivity the inidus platform helps you meet your customer's requirements for connectivity and cyber security.

We have many years of practical and often painful experience in building health and care applications in the UK and across the world.

The core technology of our platform already powers systems with millions of patient records in Moscow and Slovenia and our software also sits behind NHS Digital’s Code4Health Platform. Our informatics skills include clinical architecture and design, information modeling, terminology binding, information governance, cyber security, and systems implementation.

We offer the only currently available cloud based platform based on open standards capable of meeting NHS standards for information governance, GDPR and cyber security.


inidis provides an open platform-as-a-service for health and social care. The platform provides a range of components including:

  • openEHR platform
  • Master Patient Index
  • Health Provider Registry
  • Authentication and Access Control
  • Terminology Services
  • Audit
  • Connectors to other health and care systems

All of our components are based on open standards. This allows apps built on our platform to be ported easily to other platforms using the same standards.

Target Market

The inidis Platform is aimed at microenterprises and small in-house development teams in health and care organisations who would otherwise struggle with the complexity of the health and care environment, providing the “plumbing” to deal with:

  • Interoperability
  • Information governance, privacy and consent management
  • Business continuity
  • Cybersecurity

The platform provides a self-service environment allowing developers to instantly provision the components and services they need and concentrate their efforts on the unique features of their app.

Charging Model

Customers are charged only for the resources they consume. Usage plans include a ‘starter’ tier, allowing developers to make small-scale deployments permanently free of charge.